Style on a Dime (or Penny)

So today I decided to take a stroll into a Walmart. I must admit, I have never purchased clothing there. I honestly have been there a handful of times when I have needed over the counter cold or pain relief meds that are sold out at my local Target. I just walk past it barely glancing and have been all business  making a beeline to purchase my specific items.

I see TONS of shows, style guides and segments on how to shop at *reduced prices – but nobody ever talked the REALLY REDUCED PRICES, like these bargain chain stores, such as Walmart. SO, instead of finding you a great dress for $100, so you wouldn’t have to pay the full price of $400, I found a $5 dress at Walmart! It was clearance, but prior to the grand markdown, it was only $15.

$5 Faux Wrap Dress by GEORGE   
 $89.99 Faux Wrap Dress by Ralph Lauren  


$625 Faux Wrap Dress by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni 

What is your favorite place to bargain shop for clothing? 

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