Show Stopping Sexy Plus Size ANGVNS Halter Gown

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I got the show stopping sexy plus size ANGVNS Halter Gown free and/or at a discounted rate. All opinions herewith are my own.

You’ve waited until the last minute and can’t find a single dress you like in the store to wear to the gala for under $350, what do you do?

Turn to the Internet! But is this the best choice? You search the websites, browsing through maybe 500 dresses and settle for one- but it has some crazy size chart!

Okay, let’s start by just addressing this here people! Size 14 IS NOT a 5XL! I don’t care who the fuck you are, this needs to be fixed! Women want to feel good about themselves, not want to turn to bulemia and hide under a rock.

ANGVNS Halter Gown fits bad

I had a gown sent to me that is meant to be an evening gown. In my opinion, the cut screamed evening gown online.

I mean, they had great lighting, a beautiful model AND CLIPS! Yes, that’s the magic trick we all don’t see that is hiding from behind or inside the dress being photographed.

This is all digitally altered to fit our purchasing needs and visual pleasure.

The gown runs big, I mean seriously big. You need to order a size down, even though the size charts tell you that you need to order a far larger size than you know and feel that you actually wear.

I went with what I thought would be the appropriate size and it is super big.

ANGVNS Halter Gown

This would be a really pretty, classic, simplistic gown, if it is worn on the correct body with proper fit. (Obviously not meant for me.)

The fabric is soft but really not meant for an evening gown- more for casual wear.  The darts are actually in the correct place to make the knot and the draping is correct as well BUT the sizing was graded incorrectly.

I guess I am just a little picky when it comes to this because I am a pattern maker/dress maker, so I kind of know what I am talking about.

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The gown is not transparent, which is nice, so you don’t need to wear a slip if you don’t want to; this makes it easy to wear.
I was able to wear the gown pinned for pictures, but unfortunately, I was not able to wear it for the event I was thought about wearing it to on wearing it to last week.

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Overall, I recommend the following:

  • Purchase the same dress in different sizes when buying online.
  • Keep an open mind about designers, not everyone gets contracts with mass retailers, you may find something you love/fits well in an “off” brand.
  • Purchase from merchants that make returning easy (Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, and Neiman Marcus).
  • Read about fabric before you purchase. (So important! You don’t want to show up in a gown that looks/feels like a night gown.)
  • Alter you clothes.

I think this gown would fit better on a tall thin person OR if you are plus size, you need a VERY full, curvy body with a smaller bust.

Remember ladies and gents,  you need Shapewear with fabric like this – that’s why it was invented!

I don’t care how skinny you are this fabric creates flaws you didn’t know you had.  So smooth out!

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