Love is in the Air! You’ve got a curvy outfit to plan out! (Plus Size edition)

Love is in the Air! You've got a curvy outfit to plan out! (Plus Size edition)

Love is in the Air! You’ve got a curvy outfit to plan out! (Plus Size edition) – because honestly everyone under a size 12 is covered by every magazine under the sun and post on social media!

So many endless possibilities during this hallmark holiday season! You may or may not celebrate V-day BUT this is traditionally a very romantic time for couples.

If you’re not “in a couple”, you can dress up with your friends and head out for an awesome dinner that restaurants plan out for two at many and hog a table for 6 and chow down on one of those delicious tasting menu’s that are offered this time of the year.

I’ve got a few outfits for a curvy bodies and of course, naughty-time goodies in case you decide to indulge after that meal! (There is always room for some of that!)

You will love that the retailer’s that I have selected offer rewards programs, coupons, free shipping or are running awesome sales!

Some of these are my affiliates and I do happen to shop with them, if you are inclined to shop with them, awesome! I get a little kick down at the end of the day.

Naughty Goodies!

Let’s start with my personal favorites! I LOVE undergarments! I have a HUGE admiration, fascination and personal collection of this stuff! I think the moment you put it on, you instantly transform into another person.

Sometimes, your undergarments really can make or break you in an outfit! I found a really cool chart that depicts how and when to wear certain undergarments.
lingerie for your body type
My motto – It doesn’t matter if you are wearing it for someone or if you are just wearing it as foundations to your clothing, there is nothing more fabulous than something just a little naughty to make you feel sexy and TOTALLY FEMININE hiding inside.

$95 Hot Pink Underwire Zip Garter Slip XL-3XL by Ashley Graham.

Hello Sexy uplifting caged bra! Nobody can see you now, but they just might later…
$65 Fatal Attraction Bra by Ashley Graham. Runs a little small.


Let’s be REAL here, at the end of the day if you have than a C cup or nursed kids, you want your breasts to stand up. The black bow temptress not only runs true to size, but it also makes your breasts look awesome!
$59 Black Bow Temptress.

A great fitting bra and panty fantasy set that is 50 Shades of Gray/50 Shades Darker  themed for v-day AND opening night/date night! Most of the clothing/lingerie runs true to size.

50 shades lingerie

Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey's Tie Size-ONE SIZE (PLUS),Color-Grey

Nothing screams sexy like something you can see through… Check out this Bordeaux beauty that will fit almost any size cup. Runs true to size.

You can wear a black lace sarong MORE THAN ONE WAY! Yes! Drape it over ANY of pair of cute bra & panty set or just wear a bra and SURPRISE!

You can ALSO layer this over a long black skirt for a romantic look. at dinner.
$9.38 by FairySeason.


Dresses Curvy Style!

So you’re the kinda curvy gal that likes to wear a dress… Me too! This one is a has that little naughty fetish thing going on too! Okay, not really. But you can always have this going on in your mind when you go see 50 Shades Darker and have a caged bust line…
$95 by Tess Holliday.

Try a red, floral print dress and belt it! This is great to wear day into night and wears for lots of seasons. Available in sizes up to S-4XL. Runs pretty true to size.

If The Pants Fit…

Check out these rad sailor pants! Available in S-3XL. Tapers in at waist. If you’re thick in the waist, they may fit a little snug. A longer top may just be your friend.

Everyone deserves jeans that don’t break the bank at just under $60 AND look super cute dressed up or down!

$79.95 City Chic Wet Look Stretch Skinny Jeans. These DO have a slim fit and run in a “junior’s cut” – I like that the waist is a little higher and they don’t bunch at the knees. Honestly, fit like leggings.

Top That! Curvy Appeal.

Here’s a great dressy/edgy top for a fun night out on the town for dinner! $59 by City Chic.


$44.99, Ready to Retro Pullover in Cream S-4XL

A little rough and a little sexy is what this beautiful moto jacket’s style will say about you when you enter a room. Only $124 by ELVI.


Whatever fun looks you decide to try out this hallmark holiday, remember to be comfortable and as always be confident. This is honestly the only way to look your best!

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