Always in the wedding party but never getting hitched!

Pnina Tornai raspberry formal gown
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Valentines day came and went! You’ve been with the same person for four years or relentlessly dating on the swipe left or right game on the hottest new app that’s on your phone; comparing notes with your friends and coworkers hoping secretly that he or she may or MAY NOT depending on your situation, be the one.  Well, at this time of the year love is in the air! You know what that means if you are in your early 20’s or 30’s… Yeah, you get the call! “OMG I’m getting married! Can you be in my wedding?” or “Dude, I asked her! So, you think you want to be in the wedding or what?”

You cringe inside and imagine all the horrendous outfits you have seen or have been subjected to wear in the past years and hope and pray that you aren’t put in this position again. But these are modern times! We have social media! Oh yeah, it’s called the power of suggestion! You can post and share and get your ideas out there with looks you think would be AWESOME to be worn on your friend’s special day, even if it’s not your special day (technically, it’s kinda is a little since you have to buy the outfit or rent it and be in all the pictures!).

If you’re lucky, Bridezilla will let you pick your own dress and just go with a color. If this is the case, I’ve got some fabulous dresses from some noteworthy designers you may want to check out!

Dalia MacPhee

Dalia MacPhee is famous for dressing the celebrities! Watch out for her designs on the red carpet during award season! Dalia MacPhee’s designs come in lots of sizes and there is something for every body type! Please visit Dalia MacPhee and check out MORE gowns and special occasion dresses! You can also find out where the nearest boutique is that carries Dalia MacPhee gowns. Here is some great dresses Dalia MacPhee has that would be ideal as a bridesmaid dress from her Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

Dalia MacPhee Red GownDalia MacPhee coral lace gown

Dalia MacPhee pink gown (back)Dalia MacPhee black surplice gown

Dalia MacPhee Coral Lace gownback of Dalia MacPhee coral lace gown

Dalia MacPhee black textured gownback of DM black textured gown


Pnina Tornai

Pnina Tornai is a globally renowned couture bridal designer, lifestyle and entertainment expert. She was brought into the spotlight in the U.S. as a star of TLC’s highly successful show, “Say Yes to the Dress“. Check out her website for more dress options and boutiques near you.


Pnina Tornai red formal gownPnina Tornai black formal gown
Pnina Tornai bridemaid option (gown in black)pnina tornai yellow gown


Rent the Runway

You have other options as well! Men aren’t the only ones that get the lucky option of renting formal wear! You can rent your dress for the occasion and then casually return it. In recent years, many brides are giving the bridesmaid’s a choice of outfit BUT it must be in a particular color. If you don’t want to keep an outfit or make a hefty investment, visit Rent the Runway! They have sizes from 0-22 in many styles.


jay godfrey gownfrom Rent the Runway
Jay Godfrey Gown (Sizes 0-12)
Donna Morgan Gown from Rent the Runway
Donna Morgan Gown
Badgley Mischka Champagne Fizz Gown
Badgley Mischka Champagne Fizz Gown


Hugo Boss

hugo boss suit
BOSS Huge Genius Trim Fit Suit
hugo boss tuxedo
BOSS The Stars Glamour Tuxedo

This designer knows how to make a man look sharp! Hugo Boss has clean lines and rich fabric’s that will make any groomsmen stand out like a needle in a haystack in a room full of suits on the wedding day! The best part is that Hugo Boss looks won’t break the bank!

J.Z. Richards

Green Pocket Square

Another great way to customize your suit is with a pocket square! Some are reversible or multi-square use. You can pick these up at Nordstrom.

Great shirts to play up your suit or tux!

Check out these great shirts to switch it up under your suit or tux! (All items are available via clicking on image and following the link to Nordstrom.)

John W Nordstrom French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt
John W Nordstrom French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt
Robert Talbott dress shirt in blue stripes
Robert Talbott Classic Fit Dress Shirt


hugo boss tuxedo shirt
Hugo Boss Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt


Keep in Mind…

You will need accessories for your friend’s great day. Check out Stella & DotNordstromModCloth and Cynthis Rowley for some inspiration, great deals and fun jewelry, sunglasses and clutches!

Do you have any silly or wild stories about being a bridesmaid or groomsman? Comment below!


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