12 Days of Blogmas – Day 7: Winter Activities

“Walking in the winter wonderland”, that is what I think about when I think of the holiday’s and all the fun things there is to do! The holidays can have many exciting/creative activities to participate in; at the same time, it is a time of year to unite with our loved ones and be a little more “human” than other times throughout the year.

My favorite winter activities are super ordinary, but fill that fill that void that appears when winter leaves.

My seven favorite activities:

Going to Lae Tahoe and enjoying the snow, mentally sucking in the images of the beautiful lake, mountains and vegetation.

day 7: blogmas 12 days lake tahoe

Visiting one of the many displays the City puts up, the best one is Christmas in the Park, which is across the street from The Fairmont Hotel – San Jose, which brings us to my next favorite activity!

xmas in the park day 7 blogmas 12 days of blogmas

Going to The Fairmont Hotel – San Jose, enjoying a cocktail and hot chocolate. We take pictures with the impressive gingerbread structures and beautifully decorated trees.

fairmont hotel gingerbread houses day 7 blogmas 12 days

Decorating cookies with special friends!

cookie decoration day 7 of 12 blogmas

Fantasy of Lights at Vasona Park is something we do every year as soon as Thanksgiving is over, so we can beat the crowds and enjoy the light display in the gorgeous park!

fantasy of lights

Making gingerbread houses with the children. Sometimes we have friends join in on the fun with us and make a whole bunch of houses!

tashi xmas ginger house 12 days da 7

gabs 12 days blogma gingerbread day 7

Feed the homeless. Yeah, not the funnest of activities, but someone has to go out and search for the people who are not making it to the shelters and give them something. I don’t just do this during the holiday season, but I DO however, go more frequently in search of transients when it is cold. If a hot coffee and a pair of warm socks saved a life, then I feel happy that I helped make that possible.

feeding homeless image from abc.go.com (image from abc.go.com)

Please check out the activities the other Blogmas are up to and which ones their favorites are!


The Coastie Couple

The Petite Mrs.



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