The Great Mane Escape (and how we might save it)

I’ve had several conversations with individuals seeking advice from me or just commenting on thinning hair in the past few weeks. It has been men AND women. “I’m not being vain, but can you tell? Look it’s just thin right here!” or “I feel kind of embarrassed BUT…” I am by no means any expert on the subject of hair loss, but I have been around a lot of men in my family that thinned out pretty quickly and tried many products, while having my mother do homework on the subject, so I learned a lot along the way. ALSO, when I had my gastric bypass, my hair was falling out in CHUNKS! Every time I would take a shower, I would have a hand full of hair due to mal nutrition. I learned about supplements, nutrition and shampoo’s in order to get the madness to slow down. I personally used Biotin, Unflavored Gelatin and Nioxin Shampoo back in 2002 and had great results.



I strongly suggest you take supplements like Biotin. Biotin is a coenzyme B complex vitamin, also known as vitamin H. Your body already uses Biotin to support it (skin, metabolism, digestive tract, and nerves) and it typically doesn’t need additional, but if you add a little extra, it MIGHT give you favorable results with your nails and hair, like strengthen and lengthen them at a rapid rate. The great part about taking this supplement is that it is fairly inexpensive and you can find it almost anywhere. I really like High Potency Biotin by Country Life, offered at Thrive Market. Check out the online merchant, they have a great promotion going on right now if you sign up.


IT WORKS, Hair Skin Nails Nourishing Complex, is a new product that is developing a cult following. People swear by it and there is TONS of testimonials that back it up. I PERSONALLY have not tried this product, but I know a lot know people who have tried this and have had favorable results! They say that the results are not as drastic as the testimonials that are pictured on the websites and some of the ones you find online, but they did have SOME regrowth – I think that is always positive.

This is a product that typically needs to be purchased through a direct sales distributor, but you can find it with luck, on, Poshmark and sometimes you might have some luck and find it on Yerdle. What is basically contains is a super dose of high potency vitamins/minerals. I would read up on it on the company website if you have any allergies, as this is quite the cocktail and you may have some sensitivity to this product.

*With any product, if it sounds like it’s too good to be true, it probably is – try to find a way to get sample sizing, or order only ONE, never join a club you cannot get out of or get reimbursed for your purchase if you are not happy with the product.


Stimulating/blocking shampoos. Do your homework on these products. See who has actually conducted these studies and ask around before investing your hard-earned pennies into one of these “miracle bottles of suds” that will grow back your mane. From what I have read, heard and personally experienced, Nioxin and Ultra Labs Hair Surge are the leaders in the thinning hair shampoos and Andalou Naturals is a great natural approach shampoo that gives it a nice run for its money.


Probably the most popular hair loss remedy is Minoxidil, it has several uses BUT the most popular use is to stimulate hair growth. The brand Rogaine is typically the brand people think of when they think of Minoxidil, but it is manufactured under generic form under many brands and still as effective. Read your labels and concentrate on your ingredients and percentages, that is all that matters.


Plain Gelatin – as shocking as it may sound, but as simple as it is, unflavored gelatin, such as Knox is a natural strengthener and growth simulator of hair and nails. Unflavored gelatin has been used for decades and lost its popularity to supplements and other pharmaceutical but it is a great natural method of battling the escape of your mane. You simply rip a packet open into a glass of orange juice or water, give it a stir and down-the-hatch! Repeat twice a day for a couple of months and you should start to see results. It also won’t break the bank.

Tip: Eat a clean, well-balanced diet high in protein with lots of foods that are collagen builders. Get rest, and keep your scalp clean. Use a GOOD shampoo, spend a couple extra dollars and get something that won’t clog the pores on your scalp.


  • Egg white paste on your scalp to stimulate growth – LIES! Go ahead and do it if you want to take the time and whip up an egg into a froth and apply it to your head like a mask. You’ll just have shiny hair on whatever hair you have remaining on your head.
  • Regular trims stimulate hair growth. – LIES! Hair grows a half-inch per month whether you cut it or not, so regular scissors snips won’t make it grow faster. But keep those ends groomed—because it stops split ends that cause hair breakage.


There is a plethora of other goodies you can take and treatments you can have done, but this is all I have for you. I hope this helps.

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