The Dull Up – How to avoid ugly winter skin

coconut coffee sugar scrub DIY

Winter has officially slammed us with her presence and the crisp weather along with the blasting heaters in our home & office does a big number on our skin! I’ve got some tips on how you can look a little less “blurry in a bad way” and “crunchy” and not flake away into oblivion with that dried up skin.

First things first! WASH YOUR FACE and scrub that body ladies & gents (and your kids too). I don’t know how many times I NEED to tell people this? I feel like the angry aunt everyone has that is the know-it-all that we roll our eyes at, BUT just do it already and I’ll back off!

crazy aunt face


Products you might want to try to get that layer of dead cells off your face, to not so nicely put it so you can actually do it, don’t necessarily need to break the bank. Listen, just because it’s in a fancy bottle and costs $50 doesn’t mean it works better than the cleanser that is $10 and in a plastic tube, you just need to make sure you read ingredients and it has the formula YOU need. Not everyone is wrinkled, not everyone has acne, hypersensitive skin or my new intriguing find gluten intolerance being factored into your specialty needs for skin care. Whew! That’s a whole lot to handle there…

In a nutshell, you need something that is going to remove a layer and get your makeup off. Who cares what works for everyone else, care about what works for YOU? With that said, I am going to give you a few products that deliver a powerful punch in multiple price ranges.

Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Cleanser – This is great for dull unhealthy skin. Fights all the everyday elements PLUS it peels off a layers of those pesky dead cells that are giving you ugly makeup delivery or just making you look dried/drab. You can get this in a starter pack with ALL the environmental products under $40 to take care of your face/body. The cleanser comes in a couple sizes too, more sizes available at Ulta.

DDF Advanced Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser – Ummm… YEAH! Did I mention that I used to carry this line in my salon when I was an Esthetician… Oh I didn’t? Well, guess what? I DID! This ENTIRE LINE is awesome! Aggressive, has the right amount of balance to not make you look like you took a blow torch to your skin and it doesn’t smell bad either! Best part is that you can now purchase it online or at the mall. This one is a little pricey BUT a little goes a long way AND the results are well worth it.

Jan Marini Cleanser – Professional grade product. It is now available to the public! Oh yeah… This stuff is not for the weak… This WILL strip a layer off and WILL give you results. Product typically sold a medical spas and plastic surgeons. This gives you the ultimate bang for your buck!


Neutrogena Men’s Invigorating Face Wash this product packs a punch! Feels amazing, really peeling those layers off and has a clean smell geared to the male sniffer. My husband uses this on his face (what you can see of it because of the beard) and swears by it! You can find these products almost anywhere, great price and they do what they say.

Shea Terra Organics Black Soap with Rose Hips This is “like microdermabrasion in a bottle”. It is awesome! I reviewed this product earlier this year and found it to be AMAZING! Read the story again and see how it measures up (You can see it below on relate posts). This is my personal go to product now. Very reasonably priced and you don’t need a whole lot of product to get the job done.

juice beauty exfoliating cleanser - daily

Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser This is great for daily use, smells amazing and feels really nice on the skin. You need a medium amount of the product and it can be used on your neck and shoulders as well. Made with organic products and is available at online, Whole Foods Market, and Ulta Beauty.

yes to tomato face scrub

Yes to Tomato Daily Pore Scrub This is another natural product that really packs a punch! You actually feel this one working! This product is found at your local Target or online at the link above. This works really nice on elbows and knees as well! The tomato has great acid to really brighten your skin. Works pretty well on KP as well (Keratosis Pilaris – the bumps on your upper arms and outer thighs or back of the legs).

images of KP this is an image of KP


kp duty scrub by derma doctor

DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub This has been clinically proven to actually get rid of that pesky KP that we were chatting about above. This bears a heftier price tag, but has a lot more product and it is actually medical grade. Contains buffers in the treatment to prevent the skin from being further irritated. This product has components that accompany it, but are not necessary to get the full benefit of the product.

Please do not consider the face wipes as a form of daily cleansing. Those are for emergency use. Really, your best tools are your hands. Use them with the soap and scrub that face and body down.

Here is a little DIY circulation pick me up for your skin in the shower! I hope you like it!

coconut coffee sugar scrub

Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub

  • 1/4 Cup Raw Sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. Corse Sea Salt (I used Italian Sea Salt, not sure if it really matters?)
  • 1/4 Cup Organic Coffee, finely ground (Espresso grind is best for plumbing)
  • 1/4 Cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, melted & cooled
  • 1, clean jar (If you put the jar in the dishwasher, it will be sanitized.)

Mix all ingredients together and put in an air tight container. This will keep for a little while. Consistently check the smell, as it is a preservative-free, chemical-free product and can spoil, especially since you will be putting your fingers into the jar and introducing bacteria. I suggest taking a spoon into the shower with you and scoop the product out to not get bacteria into the jar.

coconut coffee sugar scrub ingredients

coconut coffee sugar scrub mixed

coconut coffee sugar scrub mixed spoon in jar coconut coffee sugar scrub pack it in there

This is great on the entire body. The caffeine really gets the circulation going and smells great. Add an essential oil if you are into it!

*Make sure to wipe your tub down after use, coffee may stain certain surfaces.


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