The Bearded Man & His F-ing Oil

my handsome bearded husband with beard oil
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Testing time has come and gone and now it’s the final come down…

bad mother fucker beard oil

We had the opportunity to recently put bad-ass artisanal grooming product, Bad Mother Fucker Company Beard Oil’s product all up in my husband’s face – LITERALLY. We smothered his whiskers and brushed out that beard and got those facial hairs looking shiny and happy. I love my husband but even though he washes his beard daily, sometimes it would look like the homeless dude’s beard hanging out on the corner over by Walmart, which is not a good thing.

jimmy unattended beard prior to BMF oil So basically what you’ve gotta do first is shower or wash the beard & dry it. Then depending on the size of your beard, you want to put about a dime to a nickel size squirt of oil in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together; THEN you will proceed to put this in your beard. DO NOT trickle it in your hand than smack your hand onto your beard, you’ll get an uneven distribution of the oil and you’ll get a gross greasy looking beard.
combing process
Next, you want to use a Beard comb or brush to fully distribute the oils and remove any knots you may have. You can also use a Board Bristle brush. Jim used a wide tooth wooden comb that is sold by Bad Mother Fucker Company Beard Oil.

Our findings: The oil is not super thick, which is kinda nice. It comes in a wide variety of smells and it is fairly priced, so it won’t break the bank. ALSO, it comes in a dark bottle, so it will not turn quickly unlike other brands that sell their products in clear bottles and the oil gets rancid quickly. After continued use it left the beard hair looking healthy and shiny. Made my husband Jim look pretty damn good! I think you NEED this.


Check out Bad Mother Fucker Beard Oil they have a  huge array of smells to fancy your man’s sniffer, and YOURS, since you will be the one digging your face into it. Some of the awesome fragrances available include American Pie (Smells like PIE!), Morning Wood (Cedarwood & Sandalwood), Marks Apeshit (Lavender, Sandalwood & Bergamot) and McGurt’s White Magic (Whiskey, Beer & Tobacco).


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