The amazing Tanya Wright and her novel giveaway!

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Actress and Author, Tanya Wright. You may recognize Tanya from the popular television shows she has been a part of and currently is part of like Orange is the new black and True Blood!

Tanya is a brilliant writer and also the creator of some very cool hair products! I was very lucky to try some of her new products, HAIRiette, a hair care line, and read her new book, I Found GOD in My Hair, that had me laughing out loud, holding my hand to my heart or reflecting on my life. It is a lovely collection of 98 spiritual principles. Once you pick up Tanya’s book, you can’t put down. I found that I related to a lot of her stories, I am sure you will too!

I will be conducting a raffle so that you can win a copy of you very own! Please see the link at the bottom for details on how to do so.


Today we are interviewing Tanya on her book I found GOD in my Hair.

Me: I read your book and thought it was awesome and I really connected with you and wanted to know inspired you to write about this topic?

Tanya: I realized that I was learning a lot of things for my hair that could be a lot of help to other people. My hair has been an issue for most of my life, it is very big, it is very curly, it is very wild – when I decided to cut it all off in 2010 and decided to let it grow out of my head the way that it grows naturally, I rediscovered that my hair was naturally very curly. After having relaxers in it for many years; I decided I was going to embrace my hair in its natural state, I was learning a lot of things like patience, elasticity and letting go and so I applied those things to my everyday life and I wrote the book!

Me: I really like some of your excerpts like: “Beauty is not an indulgence”, “Nothing gets great on its own”, “My hair is like a box of chocolates”.

Me: If you were not an Actress, a director or tied to the entertainment industry, what would you be doing with yourself?

Tanya: Oh my gosh! I think that I would be doing some form of what I am currently doing. I have always been very interested in business. I am doing the hair care company, which is an extension of my life as an Actor, but I think that I would be doing something in business. Also, there is the possibility I may have been a Journalist or some sort of Reporter. I worked for the New York Times as my first job out of college. That was a track, that was before I decided I was more interested in more creative writing and having a more creative life as an Actor.

Me: Do you miss working as a Journalist?

Tanya: No. I mean, there is so much about being a Journalist – there is so much about acting that is in a way similar in that, yes to be curious about life and curious about people and your interested finding out or discovering what makes people do the things they do. It’s another way of exploring that in a way.

Me: Three things you can’t live without.

Tanya: My dog Macarena; My computer; and Nature!

Me: What is your favorite food?

Tanya: Pizza! New York Style, Neapolitan, greasy, down-home New York pizza! I am a New York girl!

Me: Are you working on any new projects?

Tanya: I am working on Orange is the new black right now and HAIRiette. Between Orange is the new black and HAIRiette, that keeps me very busy! We are shooting Orange is the new black season 4 right now, it should be out next year!

You too can enjoy Tanya’s book by clicking here and registering to win her book, I Found GOD in My Hair!

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