About Lixa

Tell me something…

There is just way too much to know about me! I’m a spicy Colombian mama currently living in Silicon Valley. I’m a lover of all things that don’t quite fit the mold to what the rest of the world walking amongst us calls “normal”.

I grew up in the kitchens of my parent’s restaurant’s, so naturally I LOVE FOOD! (and like to cook too.) I married my high school boyfriend many years later and have been happily married nearly 12 years this coming summer.

I’m a “Jane of all trades and a master of some”. I have dabbled in many things in my lifetime as I feel that life is TOO short and way too amazing to just focus on one boring career, trapped miserable in an office hating my coworkers/my employer.

Yeah, I guess working one job is the NORMAL thing to do, but I guess I am not what you consider normal. I like to think I am free and creative.

Oh! Tell me more…

I love to cook/bake, draw/paint, sew/design (went to college for this!), play with makeup (went to college for this too!), travel to near & far off destinations, drink wine, and enjoy other people’s art.

Something silly I can share about myself – every time I see a fashion show on TV or online, it puts a lump in my throat and makes me tear up a little when I see the designer come out at the end.


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